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Board of Directors

Rozzie Bound Co-op is a multi-stakeholder co-operative with five worker owners and many consumer owners.

Our nine-member board of directors includes five worker owners and four consumer owners. Learn more about becoming a consumer owner.

Meet our Board of Directors!


Headshot of Ana wearing yellow glasses

Ana Crowley Noordzij (worker-owner)

Ana is an artist, mother, chef, teacher, and community organizer.  As an artist in Fort Point, she helped negotiate leases and terms for thousands of artists serving as Fort Point Community Artists (FPCA) president for 5 years. She produced plays and grant funded public art events, and opened the Channel Cafe, an open books, locally sourced restaurant to serve the community.  While living in Roxbury, she was also involved in the art scene there, becoming the art teacher for Paige Academy, an Afro-Centric private school.  Ana’s work history also has given her experience as right hand women for many small businesses and a 7-year stint in food co-ops. 

She is now focused on her ceramics, her small urban farm and guiding her two children through Boston Public Schools. You can learn more about Ana and her art at Browse Ana’s favorite books!



Headshot of Roy

Roy Lincoln Karp (worker-owner)

The founder of Rozzie Bound, Roy is an experience educator, freelance writer, and political activist.  He was founding director of the Civic Education Project, Inc., which promoted youth civic engagement, youth voice, and Restorative Justice/Peace Circles in Boston area schools. He served as Director of the Alternative Diploma Program at UTEC, which engaged students in Lowell, Massachusetts facing significant barriers to their education. 

He is active in community life, as a member of the Ward 18 Democratic Committee, elected in 2020 as a “Fresh Slate” to increase transparency and voter engagement. You can find his essays and links to his columns for the Dorchester Reporter at He lives in Roslindale with his wife Courtney and their daughter, a BPS student. Browse Roy’s favorite books!



Headshot of woman with glasses

Ivy Lee (consumer-owner)

Ivy is a data analyst (by day), former worker-owner/caterer, and co-op enthusiast. She was introduced to the co-op and social justice world through her involvement as a worker-owner of Olio Culinary Collective, where she also acquired a love of baking and cooking. She currently serves on the board of the Greater Boston Chamber of Co-operatives, which strives to strengthen local cross-sector co-op relationships. 

Ivy currently lives in Cambridge with her partner, Blake.



Headshot of Judy wearing a hat

Judy McClure (worker-owner)

Judy (she/her/hers) is a Roslindale-based freelance writer and educator.  Her publications include essays at HerStry, 805Lit, and WBUR’s Edify. She is the author of two books for middle schoolers in the Remarkable Women in Science series. She serves on the submissions committee for Tell-All Boston, which showcases both established and emerging writers. She has worked in environmental education and taught middle and elementary school science, including 19 years in the Boston Public Schools. 

Judy practices meditation regularly and was a board member for the Greater Boston Women’s LBTQ Community Meditation Group.  She has two young adult children and lives in Roslindale with her wife, an artist and teacher. She’s on twitter @McClurewrites. Browse Judy’s favorite books!



Headshot of woman smiling

Kimberly Patch (worker-owner)

Kim is an interface expert, writer, editor, musician, and 25-year resident of Roslindale. She’s written for wire services, newspapers and magazines including AP, Reuters, The Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News, and Technology Review. Kim architected a system for interactive transcripts as lead researcher for Duke University’s Rutherford Living History program, and helped PBS Frontline build a similar system. She is also an invited expert for the World Wide Web Consortium. 

Kim is a founding board member of local sustainability group GreeningRozzie and cofounded the Border-Crossing Music Mashup music series. She plays fiddle in several local bands, including Louder Than Milk, Creek River String Band and Bookmatch Duo. You can learn more about Kim at She also writes the blog. Browse Kim’s favorite books!



Headshot of man with glasses smiling

Andrew Polk (consumer-owner)

Andrew works as a Senior Program Manager at the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security's Office of Grants and Research (OGR). He currently manages state and federal homeland security related grant programs. His previous experience at OGR included staffing the Commonwealth's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee, overseeing grant projects for under-resourced young people and ensuring the Commonwealth's compliance with the federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Before working at OGR, Andrew was a public defender with the Committee for Public Counsel Services, handling adult and juvenile cases arising out of the Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods. Andrew is active with the Wellesley Friends Meeting where he leads the Quaker Action for Racial Equality cluster. 

Andrew and his wife, Rhonda, are long-time residents of Hyde Park and they have one adult son, Chad, who is a graduate student at the DePaul University School of Music.



Headshot of woman smiling

Nina Selvaggio (consumer-owner)

Nina is a nonprofit professional with 20-plus years of leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, turned consultant for the last five years. Nina’s tenure has included strategic leadership roles with local and national nonprofits. These have ranged from annual budgets between $100K and $20M, a handful to hundreds of employees and multiple sites. Nina’s core passion, expertise, abilities, and commitment to the sector are grounded in the goal of integrating improved ways of operating so talent can focus their time and energy on bringing a mission to life. Nina consults for and has served on the boards of multiple nonprofits in the Greater Boston area. She has a BA from the University of Illinois-Urbana and is an alum of the University of Pennsylvania’s Executive Program for Social Impact Strategy.



Headshot of woman smiling

Corine Sinnette (consumer-owner)

Corine has a background in Medical Anthropology and Public Health. Over the past 15 years, Corine has honed her qualitative research and project management skills working on a variety of research projects in academic and community healthcare settings. Her current role allows her to work with research and clincial staff, administrators and academics from multiple institutions (domestic and international) to accomplish project goals.



Headshot of woman with glasses smiling

Talia Whyte (worker-owner)

Talia Whyte is a freelance journalist and web designer.  She is the owner of Global Wire Associate, a digital marketing communications firm. Her writing can be found in the Houston Chronicle, The Progressive, TheGrio, The Boston Globe, MSNBC, PBS, Al Jazeera English, among many other outlets. She is also Treasurer of the Friends of the Roslindale Branch Library (a Rozzie Bound Community Partner). Her website is Browse Talia’s favorite books!