We are excited to be an affiliate of Read Club Hub, a new website created to help readers find or start book clubs and to link those clubs to independently owned bookstores like Rozzie Bound! As they explain in their About Us page, “whether you are starting a brand new club or adding one that has been going strong for years, we ask that you connect to an independent bookstore in your area.”

Connect your Book Club to Rozzie Bound

Do you have an existing book club based in Roslindale? We would be greatly appreciate it if you linked your club to Rozzie Bound, which is a great way to support your locally owned neighborhood bookstore. Please contact us if you would like to add your club to our Read Club Hub page. If you’re looking for new members of your club, you can list it as open to new members. If not, you can set the club as closed, but still connect your members to Rozzie Bound. We just had our first club, called

Book Clubs currently looking for new members:

Find a Book Club

Looking to join a book club? There are some great clubs already listed on Read Club Hub, which you can search for at https://readclubhub.com/bookclub.