Common Good Books is a community of independent bookstores that utilize Common Good, an alternative digital currency. Common Good is is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit non-bank financial institution for community empowerment. Its mission is “to design and establish the framework for that new economy by integrating a fast-growing mutual credit system with traditional bank accounts, to shift power from big business and big government back to communities, where we know and care more.” You can learn more about them at

How Common Good works

  • You sign up for a Common Good card (you can choose a physical or digital card)
  • You add money to your CG account
  • You use your money in your CG account to purchase goods and services from participating businesses in your community.


  • There are no bank or credit card fees or minimum balances! Every dollar you put into your account goes toward your purchase (and many businesses even provide discounts for using your CG card.)
  • There are no processing fees for merchants, so more money stays with local businesses and non-profits instead of going to banks and credit card companies.
  • Most of the “float” — money in the Common Good system drawing interest — goes right back to your community, which uses an inclusive, participatory decision-making process to decide how to spend it! Minigrants have been used to support community gardens, cultural arts

Why Books?

Most Common Good communities are defined geographically, like the ones in Greenfield, MA and Goshen, Wisconsin. Rozzie Bound founder Roy Karp has been working with CG staff and organizers to create the first affinity-based CG Community for indie, non-profit, and cooperative bookstores.

Buy Books with your CG Card!

Those with Common Good accounts can purchase Rozzie Bound digital gift cards using the green links below. Your gift card can then be used to purchase books at our Bookshop site: (If you don’t have a Common Good account, click here to purchase gift card.)

$10 Rozzie Bound Gift Card

$25 Rozzie Bound Gift Card

$50 Rozzie Bound Gift Card