Rozzie Bound has developed robust partnerships with local non-profit organizations and schools. The organizations listed below participate in our Fundraising Program, which we have developed to help raise money and awareness for the work these groups are doing. We have committed to donating 50% of store proceeds from sales from these organizations’ bookshelves.

Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ)

  • Website:
  • About: “BINJ supports the development and production of independent news in Massachusetts. BINJ achieves its mission by: providing organizational support to community publications; running reporting collaborations and civic engagement initiatives; training promising journalists; and producing bold independent journalism.”
  • Bookshelf: Coming Soon!

Friends of the Roslindale Branch Library


Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

  • Website:
  • About: The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute is a Dorchester-based non-profit organization that serves as a center of healing, teaching, and learning for families and communities impacted by murder, trauma, grief, and loss.
  • Bookshelf: Racial Justice

West Roxbury Diversity & Anti-Racist Little Libraries

  • Instagram: @wrdiverselibraries.
  • About: West Roxbury Diversity & Anti-Racist Little Libraries is dedicated specifically to inclusion and anti-racism education.  They stock Little Free Libraries in the neighborhood with books about LGBTQ+ persons, where people with disabilities, mental illness and learning difficulties are represented, that discuss and highlight different religions/beliefs; featuring people from different countries, featuring People of Color and Indigenous POC, about strong and influential women, or that promote body positivity.
  • Bookshelf: West Roxbury Diverse Libraries Wish List


  • Website:
  • About: THRIVEGulu is a trauma recovery organization that supports survivors of the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency and refugees from South Sudan with a mandate to prioritize the unique needs of women and girls’ survivors of violence.  This Massachusetts-based non-profit believes that meaningful existence is more than mere survival, that the invisible wounds of psychological trauma deserve healing, and that functionality and productivity can only flourish when an individual and her community are more-than-surviving.
  • Bookshelf: Books on Uganda and South Sudan – Coming Soon!