After a year-long exploratory process led by our Co-operative Steering Committee, Rozzie Bound is in the process of incorporating as a multi-stakeholder cooperative that will be owned by Worker Owners and Consumer Owners. We currently have five Worker Owners and we will soon be signing up Consumer Owners. Consumer Owners will purchase a single Class B share in the co-operative for $100, which can be spread out through a payment plan. While we are still developing co-op bylaws, policies, and programs, we anticipate the following benefits of consumer ownership:

Tangible Benefits

  • Invitations to Special Events
  • Discounts on Workshops (e.g. – writing, printmaking, bookbinding, etc.)
  • Book Buyback Program (Owners Only)
  • Owner Specials and Appreciation Weeks
  • Participate in Annual Shareholders Meeting
  • Elect 3 Members to our Board of Directors
  • More benefits to be determined . . .

Intangible Benefits

  • Take pride in owning a bookstore deeply rooted in our community!
  • Help create a vital new gathering space and community learning center
  • Support great non-profits such as Friends of the Roslindale Branch Library, Greening Rozzie, Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism, and many more.
  • Strengthen Roslindale’s local economy!
  • Join a growing movement for a more democratic and equitable economy