One of the Seven Cooperative Principles is “cooperation among cooperatives.” In an effort to promote such mutual support, we have started a monthly meetup of current and aspiring cooperative bookstores from around the country. We have also put together this directory so that cooperators can easily find one another. For communities thinking of starting a cooperative bookstore, its also a good resource for getting ideas and inspiration. This is a work in progress, so if we’ve missed a store or any or gotten any details wrong, please contact us and we would be glad to add them! We would also love to expand the directory to include stores outside the U.S.

Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Website: 
  • Contact: 
  • About: “Established in 2013, the Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative is a volunteer run, worker-owned cooperative. We’re like a work club for people interested in projects that have a cultural impact.” There is a film about its founder, Andrew McKinley, called Water Under the Bridge.

Asbury Book Cooperative

  • Location: Asbury Park, NJ
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @AsburyBookCoop
  • Contact:, 732-455-5549
  • About: “The Asbury Book Cooperative is an independent, community-run bookstore that serves as a literary hub and community space in the vibrant and diverse shore town of Asbury Park, New Jersey…. An outgrowth of words!, an independent bookstore that was a staple of downtown Asbury Park from 2008 to 2020. More than a place to buy books, words! was a center for workshops, book clubs, readings, signings, story times and other events. 

Bound Together Bookstore

Book Suey

  • Location: Hamtramck, MI
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @BookSuey
  • Contact:, 313-398-2017 
  • About: “Book Suey is a cooperatively owned and democratically run bookstore that provides access to books, connection to local writers and publishers, and meaningful conversation in a safe and welcoming environment. We bring together a diverse community of members and residents to share in reading experiences and learn from one another. We seek to transform the things we sell into ideas, connections, and relationships that form the foundation of vibrant communities.”

Buffalo Street Books

Firestorm Books & Coffee

  • Location: Ashville, NC
  • Website: 
  • Twitter: @FirestormCoop
  • Instagram & TikTok handle: @firestormcoop
  • Contact: Libertie Valance, 
  • About: “We are a collectively-owned radical bookstore and community event space in Asheville, North Carolina. Since 2008 we’ve supported grassroots movements in Southern Appalachia while developing a workplace on the basis of cooperation, empowerment and equity.

Housing Works Bookstore and Café


  • Location: Greenfield, MA
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @BookshopMassive
  • Contact: Andrew Ritchie,
  • About: “The MASSIVE BOOKSHOP is a local-online bookseller based in western Massachusetts. Our aim is to build a co-operative business with the potential to expand beyond books into whatever areas we choose collectively with you.” 

Narrow Gauge Books Cooperative

Orca Books Cooperative

  • Location: Olympia, WA
  • Website: 
  • Twitter: @orcabooks
  • Contact:, 360-352-0123
  • About: “Orca Books Cooperative fosters community education through the support of authors and artists, creating a friendly, open, and safe space, and access to a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Orca Books will meet this mission through the promotion and sponsorship of events, classes, and workshops, making the Co-op’s top priority to provide a curated selection of used, new, and out-of-print books at affordable prices.” 

People’s Coop Bookstore

Phoenix Books

Pilsen Books

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Website: 
  • Twitter: @PilsenCommBooks
  • Contact: Mandy Medley,, 312-478-9434
  • About: “Pilsen Community Books was founded in 2016 as a general interest used bookstore in Chicago’s beloved Pilsen neighborhood. In March 2020, Pilsen Community Books transformed into Chicago’s only employee owned and operated independent bookstore. The staff’s goal is to unite their passion for bookselling with their belief that labor is entitled to all it produces.” 

Red Emma’s

  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @redemmas
  • Contact: John Duda,
  • About: “Red Emma’s is the worker cooperative behind the restaurant, bookstore, and community events space at 1225 Cathedral St., dedicated to putting principles of solidarity and sustainability into practice in a democratic workplace.” (Formerly Black Planet Books.)

Seminary Co-op & 57 Street Books

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @SeminaryCoop
  • Contact: Jeff Deutsch, Director,, 773-752-4381 
  • About: Seminary Co-op Bookstores, Inc. consists of two independent, customer-owned co-operative bookstores. Founded in 1961 and located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood near the University of Chicago, the Seminary Co-op has grown from 17 members at its founding to over 53,000 today. Renowned as an exemplary academic bookstore, it attracts customers nationally and internationally.

This House of Books

  • Location: Billings, MT
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @ThisHouseofBook
  • Contact:, 406-534-1133
  • About: “The Billings Bookstore Cooperative has a very simple mission: Build an independent full-service bookstore in downtown Billings and turn it into a literary & cultural hub for the city. Using the cooperative model means that we give book lovers a chance to own a piece of the store and participate in its success.”

Wild Fig Worker Cooperative

Word Up Community Bookstore

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @WordUpBooks
  • Email: Veronica Santiago Liu, 347-688-4456,  
  • About: “Word Up is a multilingual, general-interest community bookshop and arts space in Washington Heights, New York City, committed to preserving and building a neighborhood in which all residents help each other to live better informed and more expressive lives, using books as an instrument of reciprocal education and exchange, empowering not only themselves, but their community.” It is a volunteer run program of the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Seven Stories Institute, whose mission is to provide necessary books to communities that do not otherwise have access to them, to stimulate discussion of important policy issues within those communities who have the most to lose in the current political and economic crises but have the least access to the terms of the debate.