All you ever wanted to know about Rozzie Bound, but were afraid to ask! Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Can I buy books from you online?

YES, at our new Bookshop site: The site gives you access to millions of titles in the Ingram catalog, all sold at 8%-10% discount off list prices. Books can be shipped anywhere in the United States. You can also find second hand books from locally owned bookshops around the country if they are not available or on back order from Ingram.

Do you sell Audio Books?

Yes, we are now an affiliate of and you can find a great selection of audio books here: Audio books are also available through our Bookshop site and our Hummingbird My Must Reads site.

Do you sell eBooks?

Yes, we are now an affiliate of Hummingbird. You can find tons of great e-books (and audio books) at

Do you plan to open a brick and mortar store?

Yes, we would still like to open our own bricks and mortar store in Roslindale we are hoping in 2022.

Are you a cooperative?

No, we are currently a locally owned sole proprietorship, but we have formed a Cooperative Steering Committee to explore the possibility of incorporating as a hybrid worker and consumer owned cooperative enterprise.

Do you plan to sell new or used books?

We are currently planning to sell primarily new inventory, with a smaller percentage of used inventory, as well as sidelines.

Do you need books?

We are not currently looking for used books, but this may change when we get closer to opening our own bricks and mortar shop.

What types of payment will you accept?

Our Bookshop site accepts all major credit cards.

Will you host author events/book signings?

Yes, we are interested in hosting events featuring local authors talking about their latest work. If you have an idea for a virtual book event, please contact us.

How can I help support Rozzie Bound?