Since Summer 2020, we have worked closely with Friends of the Roslindale Branch Library (FRLB) to create topical bookshelves for readers of all ages. These have included Summer Reads; Hispanic Heritage Month 2020; Holidays Gifts for children, tweens/teens, and adults; and most recently Black Histories & Futures. It’s been a pleasure working with Talia Whyte from Friends on these shelves and now Talia is a member of our Cooperative Steering Committee!

I recently spoke with a sales rep from a major publisher and told her about our partnership with FRBL. She said, “I think that great! I can’t tell you how many bookstores resist forming partnerships with their local library and I don’t understand why!” I could not agree more. We all love books and indie bookstores and libraries can ad should work collaboratively.

Black Histories & Futures

For Black History Month this year (February 2021), we have created three new shelves with FRBL to celebrate “Black Histories and Futures.” Here you can find great literature, inspiring memoirs and biographies, and beautifully illustrated books for young readers.

Use these links to browse the “Black Histories and Futures” shelves: