A few words about our name. “Rozzie Bound” has three meanings that reflect our goals and values:

We love books

We are passionate about books.  We love reading them, sharing them, talking about them, and learning from them. Rozzie Bound refers to the binding of the physical books we love, the tactile experience of holding them in our hands.

We shop locally

We are passionate about our quirky little neighborhood.  We cherish its diversity of residents with varied experiences, backgrounds, cultures, ideas, and beliefs.  Rozzie Bound refers to Roslindale as a destination for shopping locally and investing in our neighbors instead of big box stores and retail giants.

We grow community

We are passionate about strengthening democracy and community.  We believe a local bookstore can serve as an anchor business that brings neighbors together. We are also exploring the possibility of incorporating as an employee owned cooperative. Rozzie Bound refers to the fact that we are all bound together as members of one community.