Though we don’t have a bricks and mortar store yet, we are open for business! You can browse our virtual shelves or search for millions of titles at our Bookshop site: And Because our “shop” has grown so big, we have created this handy Store Guide to help you find what you’re looking for.

Holiday Gifts!

Once again, Friends of the Roslindale Branch Library has helped us create some great new shelves with gift ideas for the holiday season. We suggest placing orders early this year due to supply chain issues.

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  • Local Authors we Love – Did you know many great writers call Roslindale home? We’ve have created a whole shelf dedicated to our creative neighbors, including recent Book Ambassadors Louise Miller and Chuck Collins, Jennifer Haigh, Scott Heim, Annie Weatherwax, Josh Barkan, John Fulton, and Ladette Randolph, Michael Lowenthal, and Kim MacKinnon.
  • Walter Karp & Friends – Walter Karp (1934 – 1989) was the father of Rozzie Bound’s founder, Roy Karp Here is a selection of his books as well as and some of the writer’s that formed his circle of friends and colleagues during his time as a freelance writer in New York City.
  • Roxie Munro Collection – One of my favorite jobs in high school was assisting long time family friend, Roxie Munro sell her paintings during Union Square Open Studios (before she got priced out and moved her studio to Queens.) I couldn’t find all her books, but this is a good start if your new to her work.0

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